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How to send email announcements?

As your event approaches, you may want to send important information to your guests. Or, perhaps the event is over, and you would like to send a survey to the attendees. You can also use the email attendees feature to do this.

Step 1: To use this feature, first select an event from the list of events on your dashboard.

Step 2: Next, select manage guestlist.

Step 3: Select email guestlist.

Step 4: Fill in the email subject and message with the content you want to send to your event attendees.

Step 5: Fill in the sender name and the ‘reply to’ email address (i.e. where you want email replies to go).

Step 6: Select the specific attendees (or all attendees) that you want to receive your message.

Step 7: For this feature, you only need to enter the body text that you would like to appear in the message. We will automatically add a salutation, personalised to the attendee's first name and a sign-off message from you.

Step 8: Next, you probably want to check that it looks good in the inbox, so send a test email by entering your email address in the test email section and clicking the send test email button.

Step 9: Click send email when you are ready to send your email.

That's it!

Please note that you must only use this feature to send updates and notices about the event for which your ticket buyers have purchased tickets. You must not use this feature to send marketing emails. To send marketing emails, you should export your guestlist and upload it into your email marketing software.

Updated on: 16/06/2023

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