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How to create discount codes?

Discount codes are personalised or publicly released codes offered to customers to reduce the price of a ticket. It is a purchasing incentive and strategy creators use to boost ticket sales. You can set the type of discount code you want on Tix - a percentage discount or a fixed value.

This feature is available to all Tix users. However, Tix free users can only set one discount code, while Tix pro users can set as many discount codes as they want.

Step 1: Log in to your Tix account.

Step 2: Create an event and fill in all the necessary details.

Step 3: Save your event and create tickets.

Step 4: Click on Tickets, scroll down and select discount.

Step 5: Select if you want your guests to use a discount code or if you want an automatic discount to be applied when they order tickets.

Step 6: For both discount codes and automatic discounts, you can name the discount offer e.g DISCOUNT2022. You can also:

Decide if you want a percentage discount e.g 10% off or a fixed value e.g minus N3000.

Select what tickets the discount should apply to if you have more than one ticket type.

Set a minimum order quantity or a minimum purchase amount for the discount code to apply.

Select when you want the discount offer to start and end.

Step 7: Save your changes and publish your event.

To edit, hide, or delete the discounts you created, click the ellipsis (three little dots) on the right-hand side of the container box for the discount you want to edit, hide, or delete, and select the desired option.

Updated on: 16/06/2023

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