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How to create tickets?

After creating your event on Tix and completing the basic details, the next step is to add tickets before you can make your event live.

You can add different types of tickets to an event to distinguish between different groups. For example, child tickets vs adult tickets; or general admission tickets vs VIP tickets.

To add tickets

Step 1: Start by creating a new event or navigating to the event you’d like to add tickets to on the event dashboard.

Step 2: Select tickets in the menu bar.

Step 3: Click add tickets.

Step 4: Specify the type of ticket you want to create: free, paid or invite-only.

Step 5: Name your ticket, e.g. General admission, and add a description, e.g. This ticket admits one person to the general admission area of Beyonce's concert.

Step 6: You may choose to include perks if your ticket includes them. Examples of perks include a limited edition concert t-shirt, free swag, and lunch. Basically, anything the attendees should expect to receive as part of the ticket purchase.

Step 7: Next, for paid events, enter your ticket price.

Step 8: You can also specify the quantity of the ticket that is available for purchase.

Unlimited stock means there is no limit on the tickets available for sale.

Limited stock means you want to specify the total number of this ticket available for purchase. For example, if the capacity of your general admission area is 100 people, you only want to make 100 tickets available for sale.

Step 9: Finally, on this page, for paid events, you can set whether you want to absorb the transaction fees or transfer them to your guests.

Step 10: When you're good with everything, click the save button to complete the process.

Things to note:

If you're a Tix Free user, the Tix fee on each paid ticket is 5.0% + NGN 100 of the value of the ticket.

There are no fees for free tickets.

Ticket limits cannot be set for the event on the whole. You have to specify the number of available tickets for each ticket type.

When tickets are running low, you will be notified that the quantity for the particular ticket type is almost out of stock.

Check out this article to learn more about invite-only ticket types.

Updated on: 04/11/2023

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