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How to see your ticket sales summary?

The sales tab of each event shows an overview of tickets sold for that particular event.

Here, you'll learn how easy it is to see your sales summary and what each column on that page means.

Step 1: Log in to your Tix dashboard

Step 2: On your events page, select an event.

Step 3: On the event overview page, click the sales tab

Things to note:

Total tickets sold: This is the total number of all ticket types sold.

Total sales revenue: The total value of all tickets sold.

Next payout date: This is the next date you will be paid on.

Ticket name: This column contains the names of the ticket types sold for your event.

Tickets sold: This contains the total number for each ticket type sold.

Sales revenue: This is the total value for each ticket type, excluding transaction fees.

Fees: These are the transaction fees per ticket sold paid by you or an attendee.

Net sales revenue: This is your total profit for each ticket type sold.

Note: When you absorb the transaction fees, your net sales revenue will be Sales revenue - Fees.

Updated on: 16/06/2023

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