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How to publish/unpublish your event?

Publishing your event means you're making it public. Once an event is published, people can find your event page to register or buy tickets.

After you've created your event, you will need to add tickets before you can publish your event.

If it is your first paid event, you will need to add your bank details so we'll know where to pay you.

Lastly, if it's a virtual event, you'll need to add details for the 3rd party service you're using or generate a Zoom link with Tix.

If any of these steps are missing, there will be a to-do where the publish event button should be. Once you have completed the missing items, publishing your event is a simple click of the toggle icon, as seen below.

Once you click the toggle, your event is now published. You can view the event, copy the link, and share it on social media.

On the flip side, if you need to unpublish an event, click the toggle icon to unpublish, and your event page will no longer be visible to the general public.

Updated on: 16/06/2023

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