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How to create an online event?

An online event is an event that takes place virtually. The guests attend the event online using a streaming service like Youtube or a video conferencing app, for example, Zoom.

On Tix, you can also sell tickets or collect registrations for virtual events. Once attendees have registered and/or paid, they will receive the virtual event invitation in their email.

Step 1: Login (or sign up) to your Tix account

Step 2: Click Create New Event

Step 3: Select online event (check out the two different types of events here

Step 4: Complete the required information in the form and click save.

Step 5: After creating your event, you will see the option below to create tickets for your event and add an online event link so people can join the event virtually.

Select ‘’add an online event link’’

Option 1: Connect your own Zoom account. If you have an existing Zoom account, you can connect it to Tix and generate a meeting link to be used by your guests.

Option 2: Manually add an event link. Add the meeting/streaming link to the platform of your choice that you want attendees to receive after registering. This could be a Google Meets link, a Youtube link, or basically any service you are using.

Option 3: Generate a Zoom link with Tix. This means your event will be hosted on the Zoom platform. You will need to download the Zoom app. Clicking the Zoom link created by Tix will open the Zoom app. You will be the host of the event. Your event will have unlimited minutes but will be capped at 100 guests.

If you aren't sure (or it hasn't been decided) how attendees will join your event, you can skip these steps and return to it later and continue with the next step of creating your event, which is adding tickets.

Here's how to add tickets to your event.

Updated on: 16/06/2023

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