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How do ticket fees work?

Tix is free to use for free events. We only charge a small amount for paid events for payment processing and for value-added features that benefit event organisers.

We charge you nothing to create a free event on tix free. However, if you’re charging your guests a fee, we take a fee depending on the currency of your event.

Naira - 5% + NGN 100 per paid ticket

Cedis - 5% + GHS 5 per paid ticket

US Dollars - 7% + 50 cents per paid ticket

Rand - 5% + R5 per paid ticket

Additionally, a bank transfer fee is charged on each ticket sales payout and it also varies per currency. It is only charged once for each batch payment.

If the payout amount is NGN 5,000 or lower, the fee is NGN 10.
If the payout amount is between NGN 5,001 and N49,999, the fee is NGN 25.
If the payout amount is N50,000 or higher, the fee is NGN 50.

The fee is GHS 10 flat.

US Dollars
The fee is $45 + 0.5% flat.

The fee is R3 flat.

Updated on: 18/10/2023

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